4g hexagons

WiMAX and 4G Wireless Broadband

WiMAX and advanced 4G network design pose unique problems for wireless engineers. Terrapin Geographic offers specialized geographic databases for all stages of the 4G network lifecycle.

Regional Coverage for Mobile WiMAX,
Rural Modeling, and Project Design

  • Engineered for WiMAX / 4G / LTE bid preparation and project design
  • Enhanced rural mapping for "last mile" network design and modeling
  • Urban clutter classes incorporate building geometry and morphology
  • Additional clutter classes, including golf courses, multiple transportation and open urban classes, and detailed vegetation mapping.
data bundle illustration

10m or 25m Data Bundle

  • Clutter with 30 classes
  • Detailed terrain
  • Vectors
  • Custom layers available

Dense Urban Network Design, Backhaul Analysis,
and Line-of-Sight Modeling

  • High-resolution building heights databases represent individual structures in urban areas.
  • Applicable for WiMAX, WiFi, LTE, Microwave, LMDS, and high- frequency point-to-multipoint modeling
urban illustration

Configuration and layers provided as required by your specific technology

  • 1m, 3m, or 5m resolution
  • DTM, DSM, and buildings
  • Orthoimages
  • Multiple formats supported